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The Daly Gem

The Daly Gem
Meg Daly is a Life and Career Coach who works with individuals on achieving results and becoming the best version of themselves. You can learn more about her services at

The Blame Game & 1 Tip On How To Quit

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The Blame Game & 1 Tip On How To Quit

Doesn't it just trip your trigger when people mess with your joy? You are having a great meeting or working through a project or enjoying your weekend and someone steps in to take you off your effervescent experience.

▪ How dare they!
▪ Who do they think they are?
▪ Now they've screwed everything up.
▪ It's all their fault.

Sound familiar? It's amazing how easy it is to allow other people's opinions, comments, and reactions to completely invade our own aura of awesome energy. Wouldn't it be a game changer to NOT avoid this and instead use these moments as opportunities to strengthen our joy, happiness, and connection to others?

You absolutely can and it's quite simple. 
The answer is to CHOOSE to stay grounded in your favorite parts of YOU.

Think of these favorite parts of yourself as your "personal brand."

What's your personal brand? It's the parts of you, whether hidden or alive, that get you inspired, light you up and feel completely authentic. It's like coming home to who you are at the core and it feels so good!

What words would you use to describe the best and most real parts of who you are? If you were to ask 20 people who know you well, what words would they choose to describe you?

Courageous, Confident, Honest, Creative, Elegant, Kind?

When you take the time to identify the parts of you that fuel positive experiences for the world, you are able to use these gifts to create more and more meaningful days, weeks, months, and years.

Now back to the blame game.

When someone triggers you because they are the OPPOSITE of your personal brand, don't choose the knee jerk (and easy!) reaction of running away. Instead, play with the experience and see what happens when you offer these gifts to the situation. This approach can literally shift the energy for everyone involved. When you try this and it works... you have just tapped into what I call one of your "Super Powers."

Wow! You in essence can become an every day Super Hero wielding your powers of integrity, connection, communication, humor etc. to save the world (or at least a relationship at home or at work!)

Interested in learning more about uncovering your own "Super Power System" and how it can help you get better at this "game of life?"


click here for my website

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Turn On Your Inner Technology

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How we begin our day can dictate the flow of our experiences for the next 24 hours. When we start the day with intention, we give ourselves a leg up on creating the kind of life we desire.

When you wake up, do you have your phone at your bedside? Is it the first thing you look at? Do your favorite social media sites, text messages, and emails grab your attention first and before you know it, the day is running you rather than you running your own day?

So often we check in with our "outer technology" (the news, our calendars, phones) and neglect to check our most powerful technology... our own inner spirit.

Try this short morning ritual out for the next week and see what happens:

Upon opening your eyes say...
▪ Thank You.
▪ My intention for today is to_______________.
▪ I want to feel _________________ today.

Ask your self the following question:
▪What do I need to know to make this happen?

Finally, quiet your mind for a few minutes and simply breathe.

Checking in with our "inner technology" isn't just for the morning. This practical tool is powerful in creating a calm and cool "vibe" throughout the day. When triggered or stressed at work or at home, take 10 seconds to recall your intention and how you want to feel... and breathe, remembering it is our reaction to situations and other people that determines our experiences.


Click here for my website

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Quit Apologizing

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I’m sorry. I apologize. My Bad. Forgive me. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

The word “sorry” for many of us becomes a habit. Think about how many times a day you might apologize for something there is no rational reason to apologize for.

You drop an apple in the grocery store next to someone… “Sorry!”
You didn’t hear someone correctly… Sorry?”
You simply state your preference and the recipient isn’t happy… “Sorry!”

Of course there are times when a heartfelt apology is in order when you have hurt someone or when your intent was not the most positive but those most likely are few and far between.

Think about it this way… saying I am sorry 5 times a day is basically telling yourself and everyone around you, “I am a sorry person.”

Be yourself and don’t apologize for who you are. It’s what makes you special!

All my best,

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Triggered Again? Try This Tool To Keep Your Cool

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Life is good when things are rolling along great, our energy level is high, and we are feeling pretty darn awesome. Inevitably, though, an experience shows up that has the potential of pulling us down.

Someone sends us an email, makes a comment, or shares information with us that isn't what we expected and BAM!... all those positive vibes literally dissolve into thin air.

Why is that? Why can't we continue to ride the wave of high energy in the face of others actions and words? Actually, we can with a simple yet effective tool...

I call it the "PCC Method"

▪ Pause
▪ Challenge
▪ Choice

Pause: Look back on your life and the conflict or stress you have experienced due to interactions with colleagues, family members, and friends. How many of them could have easily been snuffed out in second if you would have paused before speaking? Think of the energy you and the other person could have saved if one of you had taken a moment to breathe before responding. Words hold power and they can penetrate deep within our bodies. Their effects can linger in our minds and hearts for years. 

Challenge: This is where we step out of our racing minds and flaring emotions and challenge ourselves with a question: "How would my highest self show up to this moment?" or "What is the best choice of action right now?" or "How would (insert your role model's name here) react right now?" So it's essential we STOP and BREATHE when triggered. Pretty easy, right?

If you don't want your ego running your life, quiet it down in the moments.

Challenge yourself with powerful questions to bring you back to center.

Choice: We all have free will. We can choose option A or B, go left or right, stay put or move forward. Two people can be in the same meeting or conversation but make different choices on how they react... thus having a different experience for the rest of the day as well! The great thing about who we are as human beings is we have a choice in every moment of every day.

So pause and breathe, challenge yourself with a powerful question, then make the choice. When you put this tool to use, it has the power to keep you aligned with feeling good... and isn't that what we really desire?

"How We Live Our Days Is How We Live Our Lives" ~ Annie Dillard

Have a great weekend,


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Are You "Baking The Bread?"

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One of my clients has a brilliant way with metaphors and analogies. One of my favorites is this idea of "baking the bread" as it relates to work.

Think of all the responsibilities within your job as ingredients to a secret recipe. When all are given adequate attention and added in each day, the results are probably things like efficiency, engagement, and communication.

If we forget a few key ingredients (like listening, asking powerful questions, and resisting the urge to make assumptions) the "bread" won't bake... or in other words, the results simply aren't there.

Many times it's the little things we neglect that begin to add up. Maybe we aren't checking the temperature of our teams... or we aren't giving our full attention to the tasks at hand (hello social media distractions/phone ringing/people interrupting our flow, etc) and before we know it, we are spinning around playing catch up.

On the other hand, when we take pride in our work, nurture our expertise with ongoing learning, and support others so they can "bake their bread" too not only do we thrive, but the rest of organization rises as well!

What metaphors do you love to share? I'd love to hear them... or better yet, be a guest blogger for one of the Daly Gems!

Have a great weekend,


Click here for my website

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Just Laugh

Meg Daly on Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 4:10:00 pm 
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“Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.” ~ Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D.

My niece recently sent me the funniest video of herself using a free app called Crazy Helium Booth.

It came at a perfect time during an overwhelming week where things just got too serious! Have you been in that space recently? Not fun. It’s too easy to get caught up in our heads making situations and events seem much “bigger” than they really are.

Well, this ridiculously silly app quickly changed my energy and several friends and family around me who were the lucky (or unlucky!) recipients of my videos. It reminded me of the power of pure laughter! Studies have shown getting your giggle on can relax your body, boost your immune system, release endorphins and improve blood flow!

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? If you are still thinking, it’s time to take action! Find someone or something (even the crazy app I referenced above) to get your laugh back.

Happiness & success!

Click here for my website

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Happy Hour! Why Social Events Help Break the Ice (and Build Bonds)

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If you were to ask me one of the best moments of my career in corporate America, you might think my response would lean towards awards or high-income earning years. Yes, those were great... but one moment I will never forget? A moment forever imbedded in my memory????? Hmmmmm....

Truth be told... it would have to be with my new boss at the time, Art. We were down with the sales team in Florida and after a long day of budget meetings, he informed all of us to meet in the lobby at 6pm for dinner. Little did we know he had more planned. After dinner, the cabs dropped us off at a little pub that hosted a weekly karaoke night. Before I knew it, my name was being called to join Art on stage to sing.... "Islands In The Stream" by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Now, please keep in mind as you visualize this, I was the ONLY person who tried out for swing choir in high school that didn't make it. Enough said.

Even as I write this, it brings tears to my eyes in a good way. It was in that moment, I became completely committed to my role. I mean, how could you NOT want to do your best for a guy willing to do a country duet with you??? It's those moments that make me homesick for "the good old days"... and trust me that was one of many with this guy and the team he built.

So how well do you know your team?

Do you know what interests they have outside the job, the stress they might be dealing with on current projects, or out of the box ideas that might be quietly percolating in their minds?

It's easy to tune into ourselves and focus on what inspires US personally. We look to articles, podcasts, and classes that help us determine OUR purpose, who WE are, and why WE are here. How often do we step outside the lens of our own perception and needs to really get curious about the people we spend more than half our waking hours with in this life?

Think of it this way... the most successful organizations constantly tap into their greatness by doing "market research" on what lights people up about their product or service. Companies like Harley Davidson, Apple, and Johnson & Johnson have huge followings because they connect at a deeper level to their audience... to their hearts.

Why not use this approach within our own teams at work? Think of it as "market research" of your boss, your assistant, colleagues or interns.
One of the best routes to doing this is to shift things up a bit! Get out of the office and:

Schedule a happy hour (Karaoke is always a plus)

Plan an off site "personal development" retreat

Choose as a team to volunteer once a quarter

Attend a sporting event together

P.s. Thanks for the memory Art :) when we pivot the perception of our managers/employees from...
"individuals whose worth is defined what they can do for our agenda," to...
"human beings overflowing with unique gifts" suddenly you've got a thriving team.

Got your teams head in the game? Fabulous! Now get their HEART in the game... and watch what happens.

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou



Click here for my website















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When Getting Your Head In The Game Isn't Enough

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During a recent workshop, I had one of the participants ask me, "I know what I need to do.... why can't I get moving and begin?"
My response to this age-old question and one I can struggle with as well is... GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD. (Sorry- I don't mean to yell but it's the truth!)
When we stop thinking/planning/analyzing and instead choose to get our HEART in the game, that's when the magic happens.
What I mean by this is tap in and tune into what drives you, inspires you, and creates a sense of purpose in your day. In essence, wake up and intentionally create your experience!
Here are a few easy breezy tips:
Remove the perfectionist costume. If you suffer from analysis by paralysis, stop judging yourself for not being perfect, get over yourself, and get in the game! Instead of using this idea of everything having to be organized and 'just so'... be okay with "okay" and just get moving. The momentum this simple action creates is what will continue to drive your energy and action.
View your time as currency and spend it wisely. Do you really want to go to lunch with the person who tires you? Is it worth your time to scroll through social media contemplating how your life doesn't measure up to everyone else with the perfect body, spouse, and latte? Treasure your time.
Care about how you want to feel. Imagine tuning into how you actually feel about a person, situation, or choice in front of you... and caring enough about yourself to make decisions that align with how you really want to feel. When you tap into your desired feelings, it's like a super charge boost that can push you into action.
I'd love to hear from you on tools and tips that help spur you into action!!

Hi there! 

I love helping organizations and the people within them tap into their power, raise their energy levels, and ultimately create meaningful experiences. My workshops and programs are impactful...and a lot of fun! Check out my website for information.

Click here for my website


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Try This Quiz To Figure Out Your "Type!"

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Have you heard of the Enneagram? I hadn't until a few years ago but was blown away by the accuracy of the results. It turns out I am a Type 2 (Helper) with a Type 3 Wing (Achiever) and reading the descriptions of the different facets of this personality type it explains a lot! :)

Please read below as my guest blogger of the month, Tyler Loomis explains this powerful tool...
(p.s. If you have something to share with our community, please contact me today!)

How can the Enneagram Help Me Grow This Year?

“A What-a-gram?” is a common response I hear when I ask people if they have ever taken or heard of this personality profile that I often use in my counseling practice. Simply put, the enneagram is a personality profile that identifies 9 different personality types; the name comes from the Greek words for “nine” (ennea) and “figure or something written” (gram). People I work with are often surprised by how accurately the enneagram describes who they are.

It’s origin is uncertain, but we do know the enneagram is ancient (some trace it all the way back to Plato), cross-cultural (early versions of it can be found in the Middle-East, Europe, and South America), and used in a variety of settings including religious, therapeutic, educational and business.

Why do I like it and how is it useful? I’ll give you 2 brief answers:
First, It can help create compassion and promote understanding. In marriage counseling, I often see two people staring each other down and in so many words asking in amazement or disgust, “How can you think that way?!” or “Why would you do that?!” The enneagram can help us understand that people don’t always do things just to provoke someone else. Because of personality, legitimate differences, strengths and weaknesses exhibit themselves in all sorts of ways.

One is conflict avoidant; the other runs toward the tension.
One is more comfortable with the melancholy; the other is cheery and optimistic.
One is cautious about starting something new; the other is ready to take on the world.
One has a grasp on their inner world of emotions; the other prefers thoughts, concepts and solid information.

There are perfectly legitimate and different approaches to life, and the enneagram helps us see what those are.

But it’s not just compassion for others . . . compassion for self is also necessary. How often does the inner voice of condemnation rear its ugly head and proclaim, “There I go again, I’ll never get better, maybe I should give up.” The enneagram can help us form a new and more helpful message. Knowing what comes naturally and what requires extra effort or outside resources can help us take a deep breath and prepare differently for that next time around.

Second, the enneagram helps us see who we can be and not just who we are. You are probably familiar with the Myers-Briggs, the DISC or the MMPI. These tests have been insightful and interesting for people, but the focus is primarily on stating who a person is: you’re an extravert. You’re direct. You have no feelings. You have an anger issue. The common tendency is to read the results, shrug our shoulders and say, “I guess that’s who I am.” Or, “I really wish I was more like so-and-so, she seems so put together.” The enneagram, on the other hand, not only reveals some things that are true about you, but also can give you a vision of what the best or healthiest version of you looks like.

For example, the number 1 is the “perfectionist” or “reformer”. In the words of Ian Morgan Cron, unhealthy ones are obsessed with micromanagement and control. Average ones have judging and comparing minds that naturally spot errors and imperfections. Healthy ones are balanced and responsible and able to forgive themselves and others for being imperfect.

The enneagram can help guide us so we are using our powers for good and becoming the best version of our number instead of using our efforts to try and become someone we are not intended to be.

I’m interested, where do I go???
There are a lot of great resources available to help you not only find out what number you are, but help you become the best version of your number.

A good, free test can be found by clicking here.

The Road Back to You is a great book, for
book and podcast about personal growth and the enneagram.

The Wisdom of the Enneagram by Riso and Hudson has been one of the more popular titles from the last 3 years.

Interested in a fun workshop for friends, family, spouse or work team? You can reach me at - I’d love to talk!


Tyler is a licensed professional counselor at the Lakefront Wellness Center located in Pewaukee and Oconomowoc. He has been on the Lakefront Wellness staff for 10 years and has also been a pastor for 25 years. Marital therapy is his primary counseling focus, but will also see individuals and teenagers dealing with a variety of issues. Tyler and his wife, Kash, were married in 1996 and have 5 children; the youngest 3 were adopted though adoption agencies or foster care. He enjoys a variety of water sports, downhill skiing, reading, Tough Mudders, running, and doing projects around the house.

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3 Habits For A Rockin' 2018!

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Today's Gem: 3 Habits For A Rockin' 2018!


Ready to use three simple tools to step into the year with ease and keep the vibe going? Look no further!

Imagination: Otherwise known as daydreaming, this tool holds a lot of power. Remember being 9 years old and becoming lost in your thoughts? Rather than chasing success and pushing harder, tap into your imagination during these key three parts of the day when your super power is on fire.

I call it the "3 B's": 
* Bed 
* Bath 
* Bus 
The moments in BED before you fall asleep or in the morning as you wake up. The time in the shower, bath or when you are on the BUS (or car) on the way to work, errands, or school. Your mind is fertile ground for new ideas for projects or resolutions to issues when in these modes... so take advantage of your "chill" time!

2 is going to get a lot of groans... but I'm including it anyway... so there!

Meditation: So often people will say, "I tried it and I am NOT good at it." The reality is, no one is "good" or "bad" at meditation... that's why it's called the PRACTICE of meditation. Whether it's 90 minutes or 2 minutes consistency is key. Even if you can grab 30 seconds of silent bliss in the grocery line go for it! Also, for all you who say your minds like an active monkey hopping around while trying to mediate, that's actually a good thing!

The MORE your mind wanders is in essence giving you the opportunity to bring it back to "quiet time" and every time you come back to the "zen" moment, it's like building that meditation muscle. It gets stronger and stronger from you doing a mind wander, then coming back, etc. ... so no excuses :)

And the 3rd is quite simple... but not so always easy to execute:
Consistency: Simply using your two "super powers" from above along with any other tools that work for you is 90% of the work. Don't go for perfection but simply doing it. If starting a "formal" meditation practice is tough, just commit to sitting up in bed with a pillow propped behind you for 2 minutes.

If your imagination is buried so deep throw on some tunes in the car and let your mind wander. It doesn't have to be time blocks of hours in your day... just a few minutes. Consistency, not quantity is the magic trick.

Grateful for you and glad you were with me today. 
Have a great weekend!


A Bit About Me:
I believe feeling good.... (like really really good).... is the key to success both personally and professionally. I have this insatiable passion for helping people tap into their own power, raise their energy levels, and ultimately get their mojo back. Why? Because once they do, really cool opportunities, people, and experience start showing up. It's kind of like magic. Interested? Check out my website for workshops, opportunities to work privately with me, and free tips and tools.

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Why Not Caring Is Actually The Answer

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Not long ago I was sitting in my Himalayan salt bath, listening to Enya, doing a little EFT tapping on self- limiting beliefs and listening to my own coach, Nancy Levin, on Hay House Radio.

What she said literally made we fly up out of my piles of bubbles and barely miss knocking over my essential oil diffuser (lavender I believe...)

"Living in approval of yourself is the antidote to worry."

Say that again?

"Living in approval of yourself is the antidote to worry."

For a "people pleasing, cape wearing, make it all right, worry wort" this really hit home. Do I approve of myself? Do I not only "approve of" but also love the way I live my life?

A feeling of calmness washed over me at the prospect of living in approval of myself. A familiar knowing seeped into my body, my mind, my heart, and soul as I began to embody this feeling of acceptance.

In the past, I looked for approval from others regarding my choices in life from how I wore my hair to what career path I took. I even second guessed my own intuition regarding personal needs/preferences and would seek validation from outside sources that my requests to a partner, family, or boss were legitimate.

What was behind this need for approval? 

And what happens when we don't feel worthy? 
We burn up our own energy trying to be of value to others... to the extreme.

Then what happens? 

Phew. Even thinking about it wears me out.

It's a bit of a vicious cycle yet the answer is so simple and contained in the form of a single question:

"What is my preference?"

The magic happens in the moments within the hours within the days when we have the choice to think certain thoughts, say certain things, and behave in certain ways. When we actually pay attention to how we want to feel and honor what we desire, we begin making choices that feel right and life begins to flow with more ease.

Abandoning ourselves for the sake of another is a powerful way of telling us "you don't matter."

Shifting from the need for outside approval to holding it safely within us is a game changer. Pretty soon, we become so at peace with who we are that step-by-step we fall in love with ourselves. Pretty soon, people and opportunities begin showing up that mirror this approval and self-love we have cultivated within ourselves.

So how do we write our own love story?

How do we fall so madly in love with ourselves that our lives begin to feel lighter and lovelier?

Here are a few tips from my arsenal...

Develop a Morning Ritual.

  • Open your eyes and say "Thank you"
  • Ask "What is one loving thing I can do for myself today?"

    Develop powerful questions to instruct your inner wisdom and subconscious to show you the answers:

  • “How do I want to feel in my work, my home, my relationship?”

  • “How can I begin to create these feelings today?”
  • “What is one action step I can implement immediately?”

    Affirm it with a visual anchor

  • Grab a dry eraser marker and on your mirror write “I approve of you!” or “I love you!”

  • Choose a picture to put on your desk at work.
  • Put on a favorite song every morning that anchors you to the feelings you want to feel.

    When we make the conscious choice to begin loving ourselves with baby steps and consistency, signs and synchronicities begin showing up pointing us in direction of joy, success, and freedom.

    Do you approve?


A Bit About Me:
I believe feeling good.... (like really really good).... is the key to success both personally and professionally. I have this insatiable passion for helping people tap into their own power, raise their energy levels, and ultimately get their mojo back. Why? Because once they do, really cool opportunities, people, and experience start showing up. It's kind of like magic. Interested? Check out my website for workshops, opportunities to work privately with me, and free tips and tools.

Click here to join my "Mojo Movement!" on Facebook

Click here for my website

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Tips From This Month's Guest Blog

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From time to time friends and clients request help with updating their resume. While I love to assist with proofreading and wordsmithing, I leave the real work up to the experts to capture the best parts of you and your career... all within a one-page summary!

This is the time of year when many companies begin implementing their business plans, which often include employment opportunities.

Whether you are looking outside or within your company for a new role, perusing LinkedIn for openings, or just connecting with others in your community, it's key to have a fresh resume so you are ready to role when someone says, "shoot me your resume."

So why not include an expert in this week's gem? Below is some advice from my guest blogger this month, Doris Applebaum...thanks, Doris!


Did you know that the best time to update your resume is while you're still employed? There are no job guarantees. To protect yourself from being caught up in a downsize, a right size, or a "blind" size, update your resume every six months. Whether you are actively seeking a new job right now or would just like to freshen up your resume, you need to think like an employer when writing it. Companies hire people who they believe will produce results. An employer will hire you because you've convinced him/her that you are the solution to a problem or that you can increase profits, improve productivity and contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Well-stated, result-oriented examples of your past accomplishments will enable the prospective employer to see you as the right choice for the job.

The best formula for resume writing is:

Action... Results... Benefit.

"Incorporated X, with results Y, which benefited the company by Z."

If possible, always try to identify your accomplishments in quantifiable terms, such as: saved the company $35,000; increased sales by 40%; reduced employee turnover by 20%; saved 30% overall on supplies. Remember, numbers and percentages always jump off the page on a resume and get noticed first.

To help you identify your accomplishments, ask yourself these questions:

Did you help increase sales? By what percentage or amount?

What were the conditions under which this occurred?

Did you lead the effort to support others?

Did you generate new business, attract new clients or forge affiliations with new organizations in your industry?

Did you save money? If so, how much? Under what conditions?

Did you develop any cost-cutting measures?

Did you finish a major project within budget?

How did you achieve this?

Did you train anyone? What happened to those you trained?

Do others use your methods?

Did you take on new responsibilities?

Did you ask for new projects or were they assigned to you? Did you suggest or launch a new program?

Did you take the lead or offer support?

What type of skills did you contribute?

Did you design or institute new systems or processes?

If so, why were these systems needed? What were the results?

Here are some great examples of accomplishment statements that would get any employers' attention.

(Notice how these statements are typically one sentence long and use a bullet point to separate them so that they are easy to read. Always start the sentence with an action verb.)

Modernized recruitment program, curtailing dependence on contract workers by 50%, which reduced employee turnover by 30%, and generated a $35,000 savings the first year.

Initiated and directed a customer service program to process all complaints or requests within 24 hours.

Conducted over 50 meetings and marketing presentations a month to healthcare professionals, which resulted in a 40% increase in referring hospitals and physicians.

Revised shipping procedures; introduced improvements that substantially reduced cost and shipping time.

Restructured the accounting system; ensured that no additional staff was necessary when the company expanded from 18 to 23 centers.

Blog provided by Doris Appelbaum, Founder and President of Appelbaum’s Resume Professionals, Inc., in Milwaukee, WI, is an internationally respected professional resume writer and career consultant with 40+ year's of experience.

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A bit about Meg Daly:

I believe feeling good.... (like really, really good).... is the key to success both personally and professionally. I have this insatiable passion for helping people tap into their own power, raise their energy levels, and ultimately get their mojo back. Why? Because once they do, really cool opportunities, people, and experience start showing up. It's kind of like magic. Interested? Check out my website for workshops, opportunities to work privately with me, and free tips and tools.

Click here to join my "Mojo Movement!" on Facebook

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Are You Sabotaging Your Goals With This One Mistake?

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So it's 2018! Fresh new planners, vision boards, and hopes for a bright future.

A few questions....
* What is one goal you have for this year that would thrill you?
* How do you want to feel on a regular basis this year?
* What is one habit that if removed from your life would make your answers above a reality?

Maybe your goal is a new job, to release weight, or to find a relationship.
Perhaps you want to feel confident, happy, and secure.
The habit? It might be releasing things like control, fear, judgement, or any addictive behaviors that have a hold on you.

Why is it we know what we want...but find it so difficult to reach that reality?

Could it be the questions we ask ourselves???

I think so.

Think about the thoughts in your head and the words coming out of your mouth when you strategize on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

For example...
* I really want a new job.... why do I always end up in roles I don't like?
* My goal is to lose weight....why can't I ever stick to a diet?
* I am ready for a loving and healthy relationship... why do I always attract the wrong women/men?

Don't the questions above have a bit of a "downer effect?" When we ask ourselves questions framed in this manner, our more robotic subconscious takes the order and goes to work validating WHY you aren't getting what you desire. It comes up with more reasons to support these limiting beliefs in yourself.

So how do we redirect our subconscious to get to work on directing us to success?

Simply by reframing the question to actually ASK your subconscious/intuition/inner guidance how to achieve your goal.

For example...
* I really want a new job... what new ideas can I generate to begin attracting a role I love?
* My goal is to lose weight... how can I begin moving and eating in a way that is fun and also helps me reach my ideal weight?
* I am ready for a loving and healthy relationship. What things can I do to love myself more and create health in my own life which will attract the right partner with ease?

Then let it go. Release attachment to the outcome and let the magic happen. Pretty soon you start seeing synchronicities, people and opportunities start showing up, and one day it will be like "WOW! The goal has arrived."

It's simple logic that if we continue doing the same things day in and day out... we will get the same results as in the past.

Try something new and begin each day asking HOW can I achieve XYZ rather than WHY is this not happening.

Think of it as an experiment. Would love to hear your results a month from now!




A Bit About Me:
I believe feeling good.... (like really really good).... is the key to success both personally and professionally. I have this insatiable passion for helping people tap into their own power, raise their energy levels, and ultimately get their mojo back. Why? Because once they do, really cool opportunities, people, and experience start showing up. It's kind of like magic. Interested? Check out my website for workshops, opportunities to work privately with me, and free tips and tools.

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Are You a Doormat?

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My definition of a doormat is "Someone who "quietly compromises" or abandons their own needs and wants in order to prevent the fallout of others not getting what they want."

Synonyms for a doormat:
* People Pleaser
* Perfectionist
* Performer (AKA: Channeling the hostess with the "Mostess" while internally having an anxiety attack!)

 The problem with being a doormat is it's exhausting. Does this sound familiar?

  1. You initially find it easy to suck it up and put yourself last.
  2. Resentment builds.
  3. The boiling point reaches an all time high and BOOM comes a blow up.
  4. The other person says "ummm.... what the heck just happened?"
  5. You feel worse then before.
  6. You start judging yourself for standing up for yourself.
  7. The process begins all over again.

 Ready to step out of this familiar pattern? Try these tips:

 Acknowledge that part of you that is a pleaser, performer, or perfectionist and identify the "kick back" behind it.

If you are a pleaser, what's behind it? Perhaps the desire to feel needed and valued. If no one needed you to make sure they were okay... what would you do?

Are you always "on stage" performing? If it's exhausting, take a look at the deep desire to feel accepted and where YOU can start accepting yourself.

A perfectionist? Maybe it's the armor you wear so people don't see the imperfect parts of you... so many its time to get a little vulnerable.

Quit "quietly compromising."

Having the courage to begin voicing your own needs is the first step to getting to know yourself...not to mention moving away from the notion that other people can read our minds and understand what we want.
A bonus for speaking up (even if it's not as eloquent as you'd like at first!) is the release you feel, how people begin seeing the authentic parts of you, and the energy shifts that happen for everyone.

Honor Your Preferences
It's easy to complain about other people not giving us what we need/desire/want... but when you think about it, this is not THEIR job. It's our job. When we disregard or disown parts of ourselves in essence we are telling ourselves at a very deep level "I don't care about you. You don't matter."

What would your life look like if you really cared about how you felt... and made choices based on that?

When it's all said and done, isn't the point of being here to really love the WAY we live our lives? When we do, we are happier, healthier, and much more capable of wholeheartedly loving/respecting/honoring the other people in our world.

This holiday season; give yourself the gift of loving you.



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Do You Struggle With Confrontation?

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Confrontation, while not fun and at times painful, can also be an opportunity for growth and a doorway into respecting yourself in a new way. 

We've all had the situations where we choose to confront a situation or person and the outcome is positive. We've also had the opposite outcome where what's left is regret, guilt, and the situation actually worsening.

What's the perfect recipe for handling difficult situations with logic, grace, and an open heart?

A colleague of mine recently brought me in to assist him with facilitating a corporate workshop centered on things like "one mindset," "personal values," and "dealing with change," One pain point within the organization was lack of authenticity. In order to move past this hurdle, vulnerability was required...a buzzword you don't often hear individuals being comfortable with in the corporate realm!

My colleague shared a tool called "SBI." Situation. Behavior. Impact. 
When sharing feedback (constructive AND positive) it's key to handle it promptly, use specific examples of behavior, and here is the kicker...explain the impact on you and the company rather than pointing the finger at the other person (this is where vulnerability comes in!)


Situation: Yesterday, at the board meeting....

Behavior: You arrived 20 minutes late (describing the behavior must be specific and something that happened that if it was video taped no one could argue with... essentially "just the facts.")

Impact: It made me feel frustrated, as there was valuable information in the first 20 minutes that will impact our company. (Notice the impact is pointed at "me" and the company.)

A client yesterday reminded me of power of using this tool in personal relationships as well.

Think about it... the last time you argued with your spouse or child or friend did you explain how their behavior made you FEEL or did you tell them what THEY were doing?


Situation: Yesterday in the car on the way to dinner...

Behavior: While I was driving you told me how fast to go, the quickest route and where to park.

Impact: All of that made me feel inadequate as a driver and frustrated that the choices I make aren't good enough which makes me concerned for our relationship on a bigger scale.

The powerful thing around making the impact describe YOU rather than THEM is that when we are courageous enough to be vulnerable, it makes it nearly impossible for the other person to get defensive around how YOU feel.

Don't forget to try this with colleagues, children, and personal relationships when you want to give feedback on something wonderful they created or did.


Situation: Yesterday at dinner...

Behavior: You really listened to my current struggle with XYZ work issue.

Impact: That made me feel supported and cared for and really happy to be in this relationship/company/partnership.

Happy communicating!!!



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Do You Ever Just Want To Step Away From It All?

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Not too long ago I found myself saying to friends more than once, "I just want to hop on a plane and go to a spa retreat for a week and reset!" Do you ever feel that way? Unfortunately it's not always feasible due to a variety of factors and responsibilities.

Ironically, a client of mine at the time had told me about a "retreat" he was planning for himself on an upcoming Saturday. During that time, he would completely list out his responsibilities within his role at work, step back and evaluate what was working and what wasn't, and then put the pieces back together in a new way that felt inspiring. Inevitably what came about was a fresh outlook on his career, which brought in positive change with ease.

Thanks to him, I was inspired to apply this idea to the topic of self-care, which many of my clients struggle with. Whether someone comes to me for professional or personal reasons, it ALWAYS comes back to the idea of valuing themselves, listening to their inner guidance regarding their needs, and ultimately loving the way they live their lives. A "Self-Care Reset" is the starting point for change in these areas.

What's super cool to me about diving into extreme self-care is that it can be done at home or at the office, and can begin immediately. We don't need to book a vacation or go to a silent retreat to begin the transition now.

What is self-care? It involves looking at how we treat our bodies, our minds, and our souls. It's approaching all three from a starting point of simplicity. I have an acronym I use called "Miss C" ... Movement, Intake, Stress, Sleep, and Connection. When we choose baby steps each day in tending to these areas, in essence we are honoring ourselves.

If you are ready for an upgrade in how you care for all parts of YOU... comment below or email me back for details on the upcoming group program, "The Self-Care Reset" starting January 8th.

When we take the time and effort to FEEL good, we start DOING well in all areas of our life. Isn't this one of the key desires as human beings? To feel good, to do well... and live out our purpose in an intentional way?

P.S. Would love for you to share this with others. There is something special about taking this journey with friends!

Have a wonderful weekend.




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Decrease Stress With This One Tip

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Recently my 9-year-old cousin and I visited downtown Milwaukee's beautiful central library. I hadn't been there in years but a good friend had gone on about the beautiful mosaic tiled entrance and many other features of the 122 year old building so we thought we would take a field trip.

There was something magical about the excursion for a few reasons. The first being the history behind the building but even better was the excitement of my young cousin who couldn't wait to explore.

After we looked amongst the books for her, I ultimately found myself in (surprise, surprise) the "personal development section." One book seemed to pop out titled, Slowing Down To The Speed Of Life published over 20 years ago.

As we sat down to read, I anticipated this to be another book on tips and tools on how to live a more mindful life with activities like meditation and mindful eating. What I found, however, was one common theme....


Think of it this way. Our thoughts are like TV channels; our consciousness is the television... so whatever channel we tune into basically results in our experience.

For example:
You are stuck in traffic. You can choose to think thoughts like "I'm sure someone was texting and driving and got into a fender bender which now is holding everyone up."
"I am going to be late for work... why am I always late?"
"#*^! why won't that person in front of me get moving??!!!"
These thoughts cause time to tick by and create stress levels that have a ripple effect to the rest of our day.

Now imagine this situation:
You are stuck in traffic. You choose to think thoughts like:
"It's kind of nice to flip on some of my favorite music and relax before I arrive at the office."
"I love having some quiet time to think about XYZ."
Time tends to fly by, we are relaxed, and our day tends to flow with this common thread.

When we slow down a bit and actively choose thoughts that uplift rather than deplete us, we are able to stay in this "easy going" zone. This allows things like creativity, new ideas, and solutions to problems to burst through our consciousness.

It's worth a try. I've made a point over the past few weeks to slow down, do one thing at a time, savor moments/conversations/meals, and especially catch my thoughts as they wander into "bad neighborhoods." I can tell you it's been a game changer in the stress department.

We don't need to go to a spa or book a vacation to relax and de-stress. The possibility for serenity lies within each of us in every moment through the power of our minds.

Happy thoughts to you all,


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Sometimes It's Tough To Be Grateful

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For those of us in the United States, by now you are probably full of gratitude and stuffed with turkey! Yesterday was a favorite holiday for many simply due to the energy of thankfulness and the available space for reflection.

Doesn't sound familiar? You aren't alone.
For some, this time of year can be difficult on many fronts with the familial expectations and situations that tend to erupt.
Ironically, the good news is these situations can be the ones we learn and grow from the most.

For example, perhaps you or someone you know tries to control situations whether it's traditions that must be kept, managing people's experiences (aka "making sure everyone is okay,") or feeling the need to "be right."

If one of the above scenarios sounds like you...what would it feel like to let go of managing everything?

If one of the above scenarios describes a family member... what would it feel like to let go and accept them for who they are?

It's easy to be grateful for the good things in our lives and the people we love...not so easy to be thankful for the tough times and people who disappoint and/or trigger us.

There is an elevated level peace when we are able to wholeheartedly embrace and accept everyone and everything.

Let's embrace all experiences through the lens of love.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all,


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Is It Time To Rewrite Your "Story?"

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We all have our "story," things that have happened to us in our past, choices we made, people who have disappointed us, or phases and moments we wish we could forget.

A big reason people seek me out is they are suspended in "pause" mode yet so desperately want to push the "play" button on their life. In order to do this, it's essential to start imagining something different.

So how do you move forward and write your new story? Here are a few tips to get you going:

Forgiveness is a biggie. 
Make peace with everyone and everything with this power statement (try saying it as many times as needed until you feel lighter):

"I forgive and release you." 
P.S. Don't forget this one: "I forgive myself and release my guilt/shame/regret, etc."

Move away from habits and into rituals. 
We all have the "Num Nums" (aka "Numbing mechanisms") that keep us stuck. They hold us in place and prevent us from really shining in life. They can exist within the areas of well being, relationships, work, etc. 
Choosing to replace these habits with healthy and "feel good" rituals is what moves you out of stuck and into flow.

Imagination is your Super Power. 
Tap into your 9 year old self. The one who daydreamed with no limits. Everything that exists was once imagined.... and everything, whether we want it or not, was and is born out of our minds, beliefs, and thoughts. 
Creating a vision for your life through your imagination is the starting point of your story.

P.S. The final and crucial step is obviously ACTION. This is where we sometimes get delayed. Reach out to me if this is a repeat roadblock in your life as my programs and resources can help move your forward.

Have a great weekend! 

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Does Your "Busy, Busy, Busy" Burn or Build?

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Months ago our conversation was more along the lines of "hey let's get together for coffee or a glass of wine!" or "how is your day going? Anything exciting in the works?"

How often do we do a "fly by" in life with people, opportunities, and moments? Why is it that the things we want to do, the projects we desire to create, and the people we feel drawn to and want to connect with evaporate into thin air as we are flying through the minutes and hours of our days?

It got me thinking....

Is my "busy" burning or building my energy?


A packed schedule can be looked at as a positive in terms of really soaking up every morsel of the day and squeezing the delicious joyful juice out of life. In that sense, it builds us up and creates momentum to more joy and success. I like the sound of that!


The other extreme of "busy" isn't so helpful. "I'm so busy" might be masquerading as a numbing mechanism to avoid addressing certain things in our life. Have you ever said "no" to any of the following activities out of being "so busy" and as a result you feel a bit burned out?

  • Exercising
  • Planning and making healthy meals
  • Having a difficult but much needed conversation
  • Visiting a family member or friend you've lost touch with and don't know why
  • Creating morning or evening self-care rituals

And let's not forget those of us who simply have a difficult time saying "no" resulting in packed schedules of "busy" with things we really aren't thrilled about (um, so how did I end up with 4 coffee meetings this week that have no alignment with my goals or how I want to feel?) 
If that is you, please remember this:

Saying "no" to one thing is saying, "YES!" to something else.

Thank you my beautiful neighbor for the nudge and reminding me that time is our most valuable currency and the choices we make today predict whether we end up burning or building our energy and our life.

P.s. If you're interested in eliminating the clutter from your schedule and life, email me today for details on my "Life Reset" program, or pass this on to someone you know who could use it!




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Is This A Crisis Or An Awakening?

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The words that come out of our mouths or the ones lingering in our heads have immense power over our experiences. It's interesting how subtle shifts in thinking can turn moments into opportunities for a panic attack... or doorways into new possibilities.

Think about a certain challenge, roadblock, or crisis you've dealt with in the past or are presently negotiating that's depleting your energy. What is really behind the unrest, pain, or panic?

Let's say you were set to give a presentation at your company's next meeting or on a conference call. For the entire week prior to the event, you experience symptoms of stress, have trouble sleeping, and can't ditch the nagging feeling that you are going to bomb.

Sounds like stage fright...yet if you go deeper what might be feeding the stage fright, stress, and predictions of worse case scenarios?

Tapping into our inner wisdom and really "going there" by asking the tough questions can often reveal new awareness’s or "awakenings" about outdated perceptions of us.

So what is really behind the stage fright? Are there nagging feelings bubbling below the surface in the forms of self-criticism, judgment, or an overall sense of unworthiness?

The "crisis voice" might say: "Who am I to give this talk? If the audience really knew me and the mistakes I've made, they'd think it was a joke I'm up there as an expert."

While the "awakening voice" might say: "Wow, I can't believe how tough I am on myself.... and how it's affecting me now physically and mentally. Yes I am human and yes, I have let myself down in some ways regarding my potential... but how interesting that I've unconsciously been beating myself up over it, comparing myself to others, and really sabotaging my own growth and success through the entire process. Right now, I choose a new way of thinking and start fresh with creating my future from a place of faith rather than fear."

Which of the two approaches will allow you to step out of the panic and into shining your light, sharing your gifts, and playing out your purpose?
It's our choice. We can choose to stay stuck in the crisis, which sometimes is most familiar... or step into the awakening, which can completely shift and transform our lives.

Grace & Success,


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Plug Into Your Inner Technology

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Pay attention today to the role technology plays in every facet of our lives. From the moment we wake up it's around us. Our alarm clocks, smart phones, computers, car gps, social media, texting, and so on, it's commonplace to see a couple at dinner in silence while on their phones, kids and adult filling precious free time with Facebook (guilty!), and falling asleep to Netflix.

Now think about your inner technology.

Your wisdom, intuition, experience, knowledge, and gifts. What if we tapped into these elements of ourselves as much as we tune into the outer technology of our world?

Give this a try...

When you wake up tomorrow, rather than looking for your phone to check the latest headlines or social media, simply turn off the alarm, set your timer and meditate for 3 minutes starting with this statement: "Tell me what I need to know."

You can repeat this throughout the day as an experiment each time you are drawn to your phone out of habit rather than intention. Simply stop and ask yourself any questions that resonate...

  • Tell me what I need to know about this situation right now at work.
  • How am I feeling right now about the conversation with my spouse?
  • What are my thoughts on the outcome of the staff meeting this morning?

Then, give yourself the opportunity to simply quiet your mind and let your inner knowing respond.

To me, praying is requesting assistance/healing/strength for myself and the world... while meditating is listening. Give that wise part of yourself a chance to speak.


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Whose Mess Are You Picking Up?

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How often do we overextend ourselves and try to "make things right" for everyone to the detriment of our own peace of mind, happiness, and sometimes safety?

Yesterday my dog Birdie and I were on our morning walk, going over our gratitude lists when we came across three large chunks of clear glass on the city sidewalk downtown. Of course I immediately stopped and began picking them up for fear of my Birdie girl getting hurt as well as our little canine friends in the neighborhood! Since Karma is a lot of how we react to things I certainly didn't want to step over that mess:)

It felt really good to take the time to clear away what might cause someone else harm...until I looked down the sidewalk a few feet. Overwhelm set in when I began to see MANY more small, medium, and large shards of glass, clearly too many to hold in my hand without the risk of a cut.

For a few moments, I defaulted to my familiar zone of making everything "right," sacrificing my own needs, and in this case the safety of my hands (!!!) in order to protect others.

But something in me stopped and thought, "Ok, this is crazy. I can choose something different... and by the way great content for tomorrow's Gem!"

The "choosing something different thought" was this:

"Hey, don't other dog owners have the responsibility of making sure their dogs don't walk on the broken glass? Why do I have to be the "sidewalk broken shards of glass savior" picking up every single piece!"


The light went off that this was indeed a metaphor for life.

So I considered the following...

Is it wise to continue picking up the "shards of glass" to the point where I risk my hands bleeding?

How can I negotiate this situation?

(At this point I am sure the neighbors were wondering what the heck I was doing...)

So I came up with a compromise... and grabbed as much as I could safely in one hand, held the leash in the other, and proceeded to sweep with my shoe the multitude of other shards into the flower bed praying that in the spring new soil would be poured over and no one would be hurt :)

Some of you may be reading this saying "OMG Meg... this is OVER THE TOP.... just walk over the dang glass!"

Or others might be thinking it was irresponsible of me to sweep them away.

Maybe both are true... but my hope is this little story sticks as a reminder to control what you can control, take 100% responsibility for you, and allow others (in a loving and supportive way) to take responsibility for what is theirs to take responsibility for.

P.S. If you are like me, it's easy to fall into the trap of taking over responsibility for someone else's "shards of glass" (aka "issues, problems, and drama")... and why is it easy? In a way it's an escape from the shards of glass, which need to be addressed in our own lives.

Isn't it easier to listen for hours to our friends’ issues rather than look within to our own?

Isn't it easier to give advice to a friend than to take it?

Isn't it tempting to dive into gossip as a numbing mechanism against our own "stuff?"

And isn't it so gratifying to come to the rescue of others while ignoring the deep need to come to the rescue of ourselves?

So the next time you come upon different "shards of glass,” stop and ask yourself:

How much "giving" right now is healthy?

Is there anything I am turning away from in my own life that makes their "stuff" so tempting?


Have a great weekend,




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Who Pushes Your Buttons?

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Quick... Think of 2-3 situations in your life where someone has REALLY triggered you. Now, pick 2-3 words to describe your impression of that person in those situations and write the words down. (Maybe it's cruel, sensitive, overbearing, rude, controlling or cold.)

Do you see a pattern? Do you see one word more than once?

Recently someone really triggered me and I thought, "Dang! I thought I was over this!" ... because I am usually the one telling my friend, client or family member "oh that person who pushed your buttons is really just a life teacher for you." So easy to say... not always easy to believe when it's at your own doorstep!

My initial reaction I must admit wasn't, "Hmmm, let me see what this wonderful person is teaching me." Instead it was "blame... blame...blame" thrown in with a few dramatic calls to a trusted friend.

All of that felt deliciously gratifying in the short term...but about a day or so later I was forced to "go there" and admit that perhaps I was not looking at this through the correct lens.

Fortunately, I too have a coach... who doesn't hold back with how she challenges me. The word I landed on was "narcissistic" when I described my "trigger person."

She then asked, "Meg, what would you say if someone called you narcissistic?"

Say what??
"Ummmm... I would be seriously devastated" was my response.

Next question... "So where are you narcissistic in your life?"

Double take again..."Me??? Narcissistic? No way, not for a second, I am too nice, blah blah blah..."

Have you heard of "shadow parts?" These are parts of ourselves we push down and hide. The unfortunate part about doing this is those qualities within ourselves that we disown are exactly the ones that keep showing up in others who trigger us. It's like the universe is saying, "I am going to keep knocking until you listen!"

What I discovered was that I try to negate parts of myself that are anything but "nice, kind, generous, and sweet." The problem with that is it can lead to saying a "yes" when the situation calls for a "no," giving and not receiving, doing too much for everyone else ... in essence the "doormat syndrome."

On the flip side, when we embrace those "shadow parts" of ourselves, we not only balance things out personally, we have empathy for when other people exhibit extreme examples of that quality.

For example, when I embrace little bits of me that I view as narcissistic but in reality are simply ways to protect myself from overwhelm and overload with taking on everyone else's "stuff," I feel more balanced and also am able to let go of ruminating over the person who triggered me because I can see this behavior within myself in some form or another.

This tool was a game changer for me. I find myself less reactive and as a result, there's less drama... and for me that is heaven.

So what's the word you landed on? If you are struggling with how on earth this part of you can be of service to establishing peace in your life, feel free to shoot me an email or book a session with me.

Have a great weekend!


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Rise and Thrive Today With These 3 Tips

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Rise and Thrive Today With These 3 Tips

As you read this, the day is just starting or perhaps winding down. If it's the former, how do you want to construct today? What will it look like, sound like and feel like?

If it's the latter, recap the past 12 hours and ask yourself "what choices and actions led to this experience?"

Each morning something magical lies in front of us...a day that's brand new. It's never existed before this moment and never will again. Taking a moment to pause and take this thought in creates a sort of fragility within each moment... as though we hold the day in the palms of our hand with reverence.

We all have goals, dreams, and desires. These come to fruition through the methodical power of our daily rituals and choices. So how can we tap into the power we possess to create the realities we want? It's simple... use the power of intentional moments throughout the day.

Here are three of my favorites... and the bonus is they only take about 10 seconds each:

1. Upon waking, before you fully open your eyes ask yourself "What is my desire for today?"
The answer that comes to you might be intentions for your work and personal life or perhaps shifts in thinking and being. This is a biggie because it sets the tone for your entire day. If you don't believe me, just experiment with it for one week and notice any subtle changes in how you experience the day with your own thoughts and interactions with others.

2. Next, pick out your own personal mantra composed of 3 words of how you want to "BE" during the day. These words might be the same for the next six months or change from day to day. Examples might be:
Lovely. Elegant. Compassionate
Open. Intentional. Kind
Authentic. Grounded. Patient
(Extra Credit: Add an extra boost to this one by setting an alarm on your phone for midday with these three words to remind you to step into this mantra whenever you are triggered by situations or other people. Again, if this sounds too fluffy for you, just give it a try when you get thrown off your game. Literally, imagine yourself stepping into these words and see what happens.)

3. Finally, before you drift off to sleep, choose one question you want answered. Simply ask your inner guidance: "What do I need to know about XYZ?"
You may be amazed at what answers come to you as you drift off to slumberland or via dreams remember upon waking.
(Extra Credit: Keep a dream journal by your bed. Research shows the moment we begin moving our bodies and thinking thoughts those valuable nuggets of wisdom from our dreams go POOF and are gone from the conscious mind.)

I'd love to hear any tips you have that set the tone for your best days. Please share below!

p.s. For tip #2 I have a document to help get you inspired regarding your "BE" words. Email me if you'd like a copy.
p.s.s. If you enjoyed today's gem, please forward the email to anyone you know who would enjoy it as well.

Have a great weekend,


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Tune Into Your Inner Guide

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When I work with clients we go through a fun process I call "tune-ins." These are feel good exercises during the sessions, which allow us to tap into that secret part of ourselves only we have access to. Call it intuition, gut feeling, or Divine Guidance.... all that matters is that you believe in it, trust it, and expect it to work in your favor.

Every time I have a new client, I can get a bit nervous about their reaction and willingness to "go with me" on the process. Are they going to think it's "woo woo?" Will they be able to listen and receive an answer? Are they going to quit??

Every single time, it's completely the opposite. They are blown away with their ability to find their own answers with ease... and I am honored to be part of the experience. There is nothing like really tapping into and tuning into us at that core level. The place where there is only knowing, safety, and assurance.

Who do you consult when making a decision?

Is it the apprehensive part of you who makes choices based out of fear? Fear of what others will say or think? If so, how is that working for you?

Everything we say, everything we feel, and everything we do is either rooted in or created through fear... or faith.

Which do you choose? I bet your "inner guide" knows.

Have a great weekend!


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When The Need To Control Is Out Of Control

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Have you been called a Control Freak? Micro Manager? Bossy Pants or Chief?? 

I've been called ALL OF THEM!

It finally dawned on me perhaps it might make sense to investigate... and try to get control of this control issue. :)

What I discovered was my need for everything and everyone to be OKAY resulted in....exhaustion, stress, constriction, and wasted time. Why did (and at times still do) I have this need to control outcomes? Was it to prevent feeling guilty about putting my needs above others? Was it the fact that the collateral damage of others being unhappy while I followed my path was too much to bear? Or was I really just a control freak plain and simple?

Or maybe beneath it all I got a whole lot of satisfaction and reward out of being needed (or my perception of being needed!) 
Pleasing others to the extreme somehow satisfied and satiated my desire to feel that I was enough.

Because if everyone was simply okay without my direction, what and who did that make me? What was left? Where's my purpose?

I like to equate it to this....

Like life, a river has twists and turns. We never quite know what is around the bend and what we anticipated would be, is the opposite. Life doesn't always turn out like we expected it.

This "life river" has rocky roadblocks and currents creating chaos, which can really take us off course.

It has mucky areas and damns where we get stuck.

And sometimes people are floating with us, while others times we are alone.

We have absolutely no control over the rivers. It has a life of its own. We do how ever have control over one thing, our decision to swim upstream or downstream.

When we swim upstream against the current, it's a struggle. We lose energy, feel drained, and most likely exist in survival mode.

When we chose to pivot and let the river carry us downstream, life becomes filled with more ease. It's not to say we won't encounter challenging areas, but because our energy reserves our high, we are able to navigate those sketchy waters with less effort.

Whenever I notice my energy is extremely low I realize two things. First, I need to take better care of myself.... and secondly, I need to let go of the grip. Both of these are 100% within my control.

Where are you swimming upstream? How is that working for you? What would it feel like to stop, turn, and let go?

P.S. Forward this on if you know someone struggling with control forward this on. 

Have a great weekend!


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Your #1 Super Power

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Who is your favorite Super Hero? Mine was Wonder Woman... that is until my Mom bought me a wonder woman swimsuit at the age of 9. Unfortunately the boys at the West Side pool in my hometown relentlessly teased and taunted me shooting their wrists in the air dodging imaginary bullets... remember her super powered golden bracelets!

If you think about it we all have our "golden bracelets." Maybe it's your ability to listen and connect with others... or your ability to make others feel at ease... or your way with words in front of a crowd.

There is, however, one "Super Power" we all possess and it's pretty simple:

The ability to train our thoughts.

What do I mean by this? Think about your thoughts being a litter of puppies. Some of them are cute, cuddly, and pretty mellow... while others get into trouble from time to time. When that happens, we simply shepherd them back in with love and train them how to adjust.

The same can be said about our thoughts. When one goes on a tangent, which turns, into a rant, which turns into a two-day rumination, it doesn't feel good. The good news is we truly do have the power to simply decide to choose good thoughts.

Keeping our "thought lines" clean avoids disruption, angst, and upset... just like clean water lines allow for us to be healthy, hydrated, and clear.

Try This: What if for one week we made one commitment to ourselves and keep it simple with good thoughts... about ourselves AND others...


What would we lose?

  • Self-Judgment
  • Gossip
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Envy
  • Shame

What would we gain?

  • Acceptance
  • Ease
  • Lightness
  • Joy
  • Connection
  • Energy
  • A lot more time and a lot more fun!

The answers are always so simple!

All is well,



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Are You In Denial Over The Disruption?

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Are you in denial of it for fear of the pain that will inevitably come?

Of course you are... we all are!
Who wants pain of any sort?


When it comes to emotional pain, we will do whatever it takes to keep it at bay...we will stay in careers, friendships, relationships, and habits simply because the future discomfort is too great if we make a change.

So we resist.
But we all know that what we resist, persists... and persists, and persists.

The sticky part of being a "disruption denier" is we are focused so tightly on what is in front of us for fear of what will happen if we let go, we don't see what is waiting behind us.

Kris Carr has a great analogy which I will try my best to share...


So often we are fixated on that cruise ship leaving the dock... the one we don't have a ticket for. We are are fixated on trying to control and change "what is" and get on that boat hell or high water that we become stuck, trying so hard to make things different... when all the while if we just did a slight pivot, we would turn to see a jet with a first class ticket waiting for us to board.

Where in your life are you resisting letting go when you intuitively know it must be done? What cruise ship are you holding on to so desperately?
Don't fear the disruption.

The disruption in our lives is simply an alarm clock waking us up to the idea that something different is possible.

Three quick steps to move away from denial:

  • Admit where you're in denial.
  • Ask yourself, "If I chose differently, what amazing possibilities would be available to me beyond that momentary phase of pain?"
  • Most importantly....choose faith over fear!

All is well,



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Are You An Acceptor Or Rejector?

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We recently had dinner with my parents and good friends when something my Mom said had us roaring with laughter. One of them mentioned it would make for a good "gem" so I thought I'd share...

The topic of conversation was about a corporate building recently erected. We were discussing the company who built it and what everyone around the table thought. I commented it wasn't something I would want to work in because the style to me felt a bit cold... another person had their opinions and so on and so on.

When the question of "what do you think" was directed at my Mother, without missing a beat she said with a bit of a royal flair (minus the hand wave).... "I accept it" topped off with a nod of the head.

Everyone erupted into laughter because it was so.... accepting.

What a foreign concept! There is something about "accepting" that feels healing. It's as if the simple action of saying, "I accept this," (and really doing so,) lets the air out of the gossip/drama bubble.

What would happen if we chose to "accept" rather than try to twist, manipulate and orchestrate the lives/choices/habits/mindsets/lifestyles of other people?

We might have more time to focus on ourselves by controlling what we can control. This inevitably provides us with the energy and courage to do what we know we must do.

When we surrender to "what is" it's as if the energy lifts. It's never about "them." Everything, as always, comes back to "us."
I accept that!

Have a wonderful weekend-

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