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The Daly Gem

Reduce Drama Drain

Meg Daly on Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 8:00:00 am

Let’s face it. Drama doesn’t just happen. Somehow, some way, we allow it to slowly creep into our lives. Maybe we don’t hold the door wide open for it to walk in, but perhaps we allow it to overstay its welcome when it sneaks in through the window.

Are you tired of asking yourself, “why does this always happen to me?!” Is it time to step away from the chaos, anxiety and craziness? Give this process a try the next time drama comes a-knockin’:

  1. Go Within: Before reacting, take a breath. Rather than pointing fingers at others, situations or circumstances as the culprits for your distress, look within. This is NOT about self-criticism, but instead harnessing that intuitive sense we all possess.
  2. Pose a Powerful Question: This is your go-to question. It might be, “how am I contributing to this situation?” or “what kickback am I getting from the drama?” or “what am I really wanting at this moment?”
  3. Consciously Choose: We all have this really great thing called “choice.” We can choose to hop on the train with the drama gang or take a different route that feels right, good and healthy.

Who knows you best? You do. Who has the power to create peace, joy and a life filled with ease? You do! All it takes is spending quality time with that special person.

Make it a great day!

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