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The Daly Gem

Triple C

Meg Daly on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

A client recently shared with me her desire to be “Conscious” and “Consistent” with her “Choices” in life. Imagine the joy and prosperity we could awaken in our lives and careers if we brought it “back to basics” with this concept?

What does it mean to be conscious and consistent to you? In today’s world we are inundated with temptations that lead us into the “shiny object syndrome.” What do I mean by this?

“I want to get in shape so I will join the gym. No wait! There’s this really cool yoga studio down the road… hold on… there’s this new workout studio where it’s like personal training but in a group.”

“I’m not happy in my job… I should talk with my boss about switching roles… but this recruiter called me so maybe I’ll work on my resume this afternoon… oh wait! My best friend wants to partner with me on a new business!”

What happens? Many times we become overwhelmed with the choices in front of us that we wear ourselves out and become… you guessed it… stuck.

Nothing is wrong with weighing our alternatives as long as we don’t backslide into “stuckness” and instead set a start date for action. This starts with becoming aware of what we want, making a conscious choice, and (most important!) consistently taking action each day!

A few questions to ask yourself…

  1. Do I make conscious decisions about my life each day or do I pretty much left life take me?
  2. Am I aware of what I want?
  3. If I am not taking action… what is stopping me? What hidden agendas am I protecting deep inside?


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