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The Daly Gem

Three Ways To “Get Your Mojo Back!”

Meg Daly on Thursday, October 13, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

You know what it feels like to lose your “mojo.” Physically you might feel lethargic and lacking energy. Maybe your mind is flooded with thoughts of fear, doubt and self-criticism. Perhaps it could be your heart is just not in it anymore and emotionally you feel stuck.

When I become immobilized in my heart, head or body I’ve learned that consciously shifting my choices is the path to realignment. When we choose to look within and adjust our own behavior to see the results we desire, we step away from trying to control the situation or other people and essentially come home to ourselves.

Try these three tips the next time you feel your mojo drifting away:

1. Remember Who You Are: How many of us truly know ourselves? At our core we have that knowing, but along the way in life it’s easy to forget who we are and what we want. Take some time each morning to ask yourself, “What do I desire? What would be a game changer in my life right now?” Then, train yourself by starting with the smaller choices throughout the day and asking “what do I really want?” (what to eat, what leisure activities to participate in, who to socialize with, etc.)

2. Fall In Love With You: This is a biggie. Think about how you speak to, take care of, and nurture those you love. Your family, your spouse, your pets, your friends. Do you treat yourself with the same TLC you bestow upon them? If not, start practicing “extreme self-care” in how you treat your body, your mind and your heart. Be kind to YOU.

3. Take Action: Begin the rituals in the morning. Make space by removing the physical and emotional “clutter.” Choose to look within at what you love AND don’t love about yourself… and accept them. Accept all of you...entirely.

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Joy & Abundance,

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