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The Daly Gem

What's Your Word?

Meg Daly on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 12:00:00 am

In my workshops people always have fun with an exercise that starts off with the question:

"If colleagues/clients/loved ones were to open the dictionary and see a picture of you next to 2-3 words, which words would those be?"

It's a simple exercise to peek into how we show up to the world, how others see us, or who we are.

Have you thought about your words yet? If you are struggling a bit, take it a step further and actually reach out to clients/colleagues/loved ones and ask them! (Or better yet, email me and I'll send you an exercise you can use.)

Once you have your "words," think about how "being" these words help you. How they help you create amazing experiences for yourself and others... or how they help you get through challenging times. 

On the flip side, think about how, when taken to the extreme, they have the potential to hold you back.

For example, let's say your words are "warm and genuine." That's great, right? It is as long as you don't become a doormat to others who might take advantage of those qualities.

The point is, it's fun to embrace our "personal brand"... while making sure to channel it in ways that create positive experiences all around!

Joy & Abundance,

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