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The Daly Gem

Feeling Ungrounded?

Meg Daly on Wednesday, December 7, 2016 at 8:00:00 am

Inevitably we all face dark chapters in our lives when challenges appear that seem to be just too much at the time.

On the flip side, we have moments of sheer joy where the universe seems to line up in perfect order.

As Frank Sinatra would say, "That's Life..."

The contrast or duality we experience in this sometimes crazy/sometimes wonderful world is what allows us to feel what living is ultimately about.

If there were no moments of pain, would you fully appreciate the moments of joy? If loneliness was never experienced, would that feeling of connection be as beautiful?

So the next time you begin to feel overwhelmed, ungrounded or out of alignment, remind yourself it's simply a moment in time preparing your heart for those sweet moments of peace.

All is good. All is well.


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