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The Daly Gem

This Is Really Uncomfortable

Meg Daly on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 8:00:00 am

Yesterday I was in two different conversations where this question was brought up:

"Why do people resist reaching out for support when it comes to personal development even when they really want to do it and know it would help?"

I took that as a sign to use it as the topic for today's gem!

It seems there are two possible reasons for the resistance. The first being we feel guilty or don't value the idea of investing in ourselves. The idea of spending time and resources on something that is 100% focused on ourselves feels a bit overindulgent.

The second reason is the one I feel is most pervasive.... it forces us to get uncomfortable.

Imagine your are at the center of a circle. Within this circle is your safe area, your comfort zone. Sometimes, when we have "a-ha" moments or get inspired to try something different, we begin to push closer to the edges of that circle and feel moments of courage to step outside that comfort zone... but that can be scary. You know that feeling when your mind is saying, "Just stay put in the job/relationship/habits/routine," but your gut is saying, "GO! Move forward!" It's as though your mind is justifying and ensuring the "stuck-ness," while your gut is begging you to expand and move forward.

When we gather up the courage to make small or big shifts in our lives, there IS that fire we must walk through.  Once we move through it, however, the feeling on the other side is somewhat indescribable. Elation? Joy? Triumph?

What one thing have you been putting off that you know you MUST do. Maybe it involves beginning to speak up for yourself, tell your story, set your sights higher, or simply try something new. Whatever it is, lean into listening to your intuition. No coach, advisor or mentor can give you the answers that your own inner self has waiting for you right now.

All is good. All is well.

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