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The Daly Gem

Watch My Feet

Meg Daly on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

Chatting with a client recently frustrated with a loved ones inability to take action, I thought of a friends catchy phrase, "watch my feet, not my mouth." In other words, "watch what I DO rather than what I SAY!"

It's easy to become exasperated and point the finger at a spouse, co worker, friend, or family member whose inaction is causing exasperation... but it's also a great exercise to look within, without judgement, on the ways our mouths are moving but we continue standing still. Let's face it...our feet are the only ones we have control over!

Here are a few ideas to get moving (or to share with someone whose feet aren't moving!)

1. Describe The Glue. What is it exactly that is keeping our feet/lives stuck? Fear? If so, of what? Maybe fear of feeling vulnerable or fear of failing. It doesn't matter what it is but what does matter is identifying it. Once you become aware, then it become impossible to ignore it! Does this make sense? Think of the glue as a hidden commitment you've made to yourself that you aren't even aware of. Conscious goals might be to make more money, lose weight, or find love. Hidden commitments on the other hand, might be you crave security thus staying in a dead end job, using extra weight as a shield against people getting close, or subconsciously choosing partners you absolutely know are not right for you long term. This is the step where you dig deep and get honest.

2. Break It Up. Many times we remain stuck because the end goal is exciting but the road to it is overwhelming. We overestimate what we can get done in a short period of time, experience "failure," and thus we give up. Over the weekend I was listening to a Brendon Burchard podcast and I love his idea of 50 minute increments throughout the day assigned to different projects. Whatever your personal or professionals goals may be, lighten up a bit and steady goes it. Your mind can only handle so much "thinking" about your resume, de cluttering your home, or having a difficult conversation with a loved one. Time block throughout the day and once that "block" is over.... get out of your head!

3. Love It Up. This is the most important one of all. When we choose to nurture, support, and love ourselves first and foremost, we would't dream of sabotaging our own dreams. What do you desire for your children, your family, your friends? Now turn that love on yourself.

Accept yourself right now, exactly as you are, from the space you stand. Once you do, the feet magically begin to move.

All is well,


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