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The Daly Gem

Are You An Acceptor Or Rejector?

Account to Approve workflow on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

We recently had dinner with my parents and good friends when something my Mom said had us roaring with laughter. One of them mentioned it would make for a good "gem" so I thought I'd share...

The topic of conversation was about a corporate building recently erected. We were discussing the company who built it and what everyone around the table thought. I commented it wasn't something I would want to work in because the style to me felt a bit cold... another person had their opinions and so on and so on.

When the question of "what do you think" was directed at my Mother, without missing a beat she said with a bit of a royal flair (minus the hand wave).... "I accept it" topped off with a nod of the head.

Everyone erupted into laughter because it was so.... accepting.

What a foreign concept! There is something about "accepting" that feels healing. It's as if the simple action of saying, "I accept this," (and really doing so,) lets the air out of the gossip/drama bubble.

What would happen if we chose to "accept" rather than try to twist, manipulate and orchestrate the lives/choices/habits/mindsets/lifestyles of other people?

We might have more time to focus on ourselves by controlling what we can control. This inevitably provides us with the energy and courage to do what we know we must do.

When we surrender to "what is" it's as if the energy lifts. It's never about "them." Everything, as always, comes back to "us."
I accept that!

Have a wonderful weekend-

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