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The Daly Gem

Are You In Denial Over The Disruption?

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Are you in denial of it for fear of the pain that will inevitably come?

Of course you are... we all are!
Who wants pain of any sort?


When it comes to emotional pain, we will do whatever it takes to keep it at bay...we will stay in careers, friendships, relationships, and habits simply because the future discomfort is too great if we make a change.

So we resist.
But we all know that what we resist, persists... and persists, and persists.

The sticky part of being a "disruption denier" is we are focused so tightly on what is in front of us for fear of what will happen if we let go, we don't see what is waiting behind us.

Kris Carr has a great analogy which I will try my best to share...


So often we are fixated on that cruise ship leaving the dock... the one we don't have a ticket for. We are are fixated on trying to control and change "what is" and get on that boat hell or high water that we become stuck, trying so hard to make things different... when all the while if we just did a slight pivot, we would turn to see a jet with a first class ticket waiting for us to board.

Where in your life are you resisting letting go when you intuitively know it must be done? What cruise ship are you holding on to so desperately?
Don't fear the disruption.

The disruption in our lives is simply an alarm clock waking us up to the idea that something different is possible.

Three quick steps to move away from denial:

  • Admit where you're in denial.
  • Ask yourself, "If I chose differently, what amazing possibilities would be available to me beyond that momentary phase of pain?"
  • Most importantly....choose faith over fear!

All is well,



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