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The Daly Gem

Your #1 Super Power

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Who is your favorite Super Hero? Mine was Wonder Woman... that is until my Mom bought me a wonder woman swimsuit at the age of 9. Unfortunately the boys at the West Side pool in my hometown relentlessly teased and taunted me shooting their wrists in the air dodging imaginary bullets... remember her super powered golden bracelets!

If you think about it we all have our "golden bracelets." Maybe it's your ability to listen and connect with others... or your ability to make others feel at ease... or your way with words in front of a crowd.

There is, however, one "Super Power" we all possess and it's pretty simple:

The ability to train our thoughts.

What do I mean by this? Think about your thoughts being a litter of puppies. Some of them are cute, cuddly, and pretty mellow... while others get into trouble from time to time. When that happens, we simply shepherd them back in with love and train them how to adjust.

The same can be said about our thoughts. When one goes on a tangent, which turns, into a rant, which turns into a two-day rumination, it doesn't feel good. The good news is we truly do have the power to simply decide to choose good thoughts.

Keeping our "thought lines" clean avoids disruption, angst, and upset... just like clean water lines allow for us to be healthy, hydrated, and clear.

Try This: What if for one week we made one commitment to ourselves and keep it simple with good thoughts... about ourselves AND others...


What would we lose?

  • Self-Judgment
  • Gossip
  • Blame
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Envy
  • Shame

What would we gain?

  • Acceptance
  • Ease
  • Lightness
  • Joy
  • Connection
  • Energy
  • A lot more time and a lot more fun!

The answers are always so simple!

All is well,



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