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The Daly Gem

Tune Into Your Inner Guide

Account to Approve workflow on Friday, September 29, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

When I work with clients we go through a fun process I call "tune-ins." These are feel good exercises during the sessions, which allow us to tap into that secret part of ourselves only we have access to. Call it intuition, gut feeling, or Divine Guidance.... all that matters is that you believe in it, trust it, and expect it to work in your favor.

Every time I have a new client, I can get a bit nervous about their reaction and willingness to "go with me" on the process. Are they going to think it's "woo woo?" Will they be able to listen and receive an answer? Are they going to quit??

Every single time, it's completely the opposite. They are blown away with their ability to find their own answers with ease... and I am honored to be part of the experience. There is nothing like really tapping into and tuning into us at that core level. The place where there is only knowing, safety, and assurance.

Who do you consult when making a decision?

Is it the apprehensive part of you who makes choices based out of fear? Fear of what others will say or think? If so, how is that working for you?

Everything we say, everything we feel, and everything we do is either rooted in or created through fear... or faith.

Which do you choose? I bet your "inner guide" knows.

Have a great weekend!


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