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The Daly Gem

Is This A Crisis Or An Awakening?

Account to Approve workflow on Friday, November 3, 2017 at 12:00:00 am

The words that come out of our mouths or the ones lingering in our heads have immense power over our experiences. It's interesting how subtle shifts in thinking can turn moments into opportunities for a panic attack... or doorways into new possibilities.

Think about a certain challenge, roadblock, or crisis you've dealt with in the past or are presently negotiating that's depleting your energy. What is really behind the unrest, pain, or panic?

Let's say you were set to give a presentation at your company's next meeting or on a conference call. For the entire week prior to the event, you experience symptoms of stress, have trouble sleeping, and can't ditch the nagging feeling that you are going to bomb.

Sounds like stage fright...yet if you go deeper what might be feeding the stage fright, stress, and predictions of worse case scenarios?

Tapping into our inner wisdom and really "going there" by asking the tough questions can often reveal new awareness’s or "awakenings" about outdated perceptions of us.

So what is really behind the stage fright? Are there nagging feelings bubbling below the surface in the forms of self-criticism, judgment, or an overall sense of unworthiness?

The "crisis voice" might say: "Who am I to give this talk? If the audience really knew me and the mistakes I've made, they'd think it was a joke I'm up there as an expert."

While the "awakening voice" might say: "Wow, I can't believe how tough I am on myself.... and how it's affecting me now physically and mentally. Yes I am human and yes, I have let myself down in some ways regarding my potential... but how interesting that I've unconsciously been beating myself up over it, comparing myself to others, and really sabotaging my own growth and success through the entire process. Right now, I choose a new way of thinking and start fresh with creating my future from a place of faith rather than fear."

Which of the two approaches will allow you to step out of the panic and into shining your light, sharing your gifts, and playing out your purpose?
It's our choice. We can choose to stay stuck in the crisis, which sometimes is most familiar... or step into the awakening, which can completely shift and transform our lives.

Grace & Success,


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