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The Daly Gem

Sometimes It's Tough To Be Grateful

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For those of us in the United States, by now you are probably full of gratitude and stuffed with turkey! Yesterday was a favorite holiday for many simply due to the energy of thankfulness and the available space for reflection.

Doesn't sound familiar? You aren't alone.
For some, this time of year can be difficult on many fronts with the familial expectations and situations that tend to erupt.
Ironically, the good news is these situations can be the ones we learn and grow from the most.

For example, perhaps you or someone you know tries to control situations whether it's traditions that must be kept, managing people's experiences (aka "making sure everyone is okay,") or feeling the need to "be right."

If one of the above scenarios sounds like you...what would it feel like to let go of managing everything?

If one of the above scenarios describes a family member... what would it feel like to let go and accept them for who they are?

It's easy to be grateful for the good things in our lives and the people we love...not so easy to be thankful for the tough times and people who disappoint and/or trigger us.

There is an elevated level peace when we are able to wholeheartedly embrace and accept everyone and everything.

Let's embrace all experiences through the lens of love.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you all,


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