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The Daly Gem

Do You Ever Just Want To Step Away From It All?

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Not too long ago I found myself saying to friends more than once, "I just want to hop on a plane and go to a spa retreat for a week and reset!" Do you ever feel that way? Unfortunately it's not always feasible due to a variety of factors and responsibilities.

Ironically, a client of mine at the time had told me about a "retreat" he was planning for himself on an upcoming Saturday. During that time, he would completely list out his responsibilities within his role at work, step back and evaluate what was working and what wasn't, and then put the pieces back together in a new way that felt inspiring. Inevitably what came about was a fresh outlook on his career, which brought in positive change with ease.

Thanks to him, I was inspired to apply this idea to the topic of self-care, which many of my clients struggle with. Whether someone comes to me for professional or personal reasons, it ALWAYS comes back to the idea of valuing themselves, listening to their inner guidance regarding their needs, and ultimately loving the way they live their lives. A "Self-Care Reset" is the starting point for change in these areas.

What's super cool to me about diving into extreme self-care is that it can be done at home or at the office, and can begin immediately. We don't need to book a vacation or go to a silent retreat to begin the transition now.

What is self-care? It involves looking at how we treat our bodies, our minds, and our souls. It's approaching all three from a starting point of simplicity. I have an acronym I use called "Miss C" ... Movement, Intake, Stress, Sleep, and Connection. When we choose baby steps each day in tending to these areas, in essence we are honoring ourselves.

If you are ready for an upgrade in how you care for all parts of YOU... comment below or email me back for details on the upcoming group program, "The Self-Care Reset" starting January 8th.

When we take the time and effort to FEEL good, we start DOING well in all areas of our life. Isn't this one of the key desires as human beings? To feel good, to do well... and live out our purpose in an intentional way?

P.S. Would love for you to share this with others. There is something special about taking this journey with friends!

Have a wonderful weekend.




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