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The Daly Gem

Are You Sabotaging Your Goals With This One Mistake?

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So it's 2018! Fresh new planners, vision boards, and hopes for a bright future.

A few questions....
* What is one goal you have for this year that would thrill you?
* How do you want to feel on a regular basis this year?
* What is one habit that if removed from your life would make your answers above a reality?

Maybe your goal is a new job, to release weight, or to find a relationship.
Perhaps you want to feel confident, happy, and secure.
The habit? It might be releasing things like control, fear, judgement, or any addictive behaviors that have a hold on you.

Why is it we know what we want...but find it so difficult to reach that reality?

Could it be the questions we ask ourselves???

I think so.

Think about the thoughts in your head and the words coming out of your mouth when you strategize on how to get from where you are to where you want to be.

For example...
* I really want a new job.... why do I always end up in roles I don't like?
* My goal is to lose weight....why can't I ever stick to a diet?
* I am ready for a loving and healthy relationship... why do I always attract the wrong women/men?

Don't the questions above have a bit of a "downer effect?" When we ask ourselves questions framed in this manner, our more robotic subconscious takes the order and goes to work validating WHY you aren't getting what you desire. It comes up with more reasons to support these limiting beliefs in yourself.

So how do we redirect our subconscious to get to work on directing us to success?

Simply by reframing the question to actually ASK your subconscious/intuition/inner guidance how to achieve your goal.

For example...
* I really want a new job... what new ideas can I generate to begin attracting a role I love?
* My goal is to lose weight... how can I begin moving and eating in a way that is fun and also helps me reach my ideal weight?
* I am ready for a loving and healthy relationship. What things can I do to love myself more and create health in my own life which will attract the right partner with ease?

Then let it go. Release attachment to the outcome and let the magic happen. Pretty soon you start seeing synchronicities, people and opportunities start showing up, and one day it will be like "WOW! The goal has arrived."

It's simple logic that if we continue doing the same things day in and day out... we will get the same results as in the past.

Try something new and begin each day asking HOW can I achieve XYZ rather than WHY is this not happening.

Think of it as an experiment. Would love to hear your results a month from now!




A Bit About Me:
I believe feeling good.... (like really really good).... is the key to success both personally and professionally. I have this insatiable passion for helping people tap into their own power, raise their energy levels, and ultimately get their mojo back. Why? Because once they do, really cool opportunities, people, and experience start showing up. It's kind of like magic. Interested? Check out my website for workshops, opportunities to work privately with me, and free tips and tools.

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