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Mount Mary University - CREO

The Beauty of Unexpected Combinations at CREO: Juxtapose

Katie Kochelek on Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 12:00:00 am

The morning of CREO I stood in front of my mirror, vetoing every outfit change. The black suit pants felt too conservative. It was too chilly for the silk blouse. Boots felt too casual.

Dressing to fit in among Mount Mary College’s aspiring fashion designers is not an easy undertaking. Sometimes I’m lucky if I can match my shoes to my belt.

Wait. I don’t think that’s the rule anymore, is it?

This year was my first experiencing CREO, and I was looking forward to an exciting fashion show and design exhibit at the über-cool Harley-Davidson Museum.

CREO is Mount Mary College’s annual “celebration of creativity,” where the school showcases students’ work in fashion, fine art, graphic design and interior design. This year’s theme, “Juxtapose,” focused on unexpected combinations of creative elements, or, in their words: “eccentric meets traditional, beauty becomes breathtaking and abstractions transform into reality.”

Can I add another descriptive word? Inspiring.

clientuploads/CREO2013/4403.jpgAs the first group of models took the runway, I elbowed my colleague about a gorgeous jacket. I didn’t stop elbowing her the rest of the show.

To say these designers are talented is an understatement. I was impressed by their creativity and forward thinking, evident in the quality and originality of their work. These young designers have a bright future ahead of them in fashion.

But I can’t stop there.

While the fashion was a highlight,  it was even more impressive set against all the production details. The lighting, the videos, the music — even the way the models walked the runway — was just plain cool.

After the show, the M Magazine team and guests ventured over to the area housing the design element of the show. Here we checked out examples of inventive graphic design, beautiful artwork and interior design boards that were imaginative and modern.

The chairs “upcycled” by students for the SustainTABLE CHAIRity — a silent auction of salvaged furniture and accessories benefiting the interior design program’s mission to give back to the community by designing spaces for homeless shelters and nonprofit organizations — lined the front wall like quirky representations of different styles.

Summarizing the show means the word “inspiring” will make an appearance again in this blog. We got a glimpse into the hard work and dedication that not only goes into this show, but goes into the beautiful art these student designers create everyday. I have no doubt Milwaukee will benefit from the young talent about to take the city by storm.

And I know, I know … I can’t end this blog with a cliffhanger. I ended up going with a pair of skinny jeans, blazer and leopard-print scarf. And I didn’t match my belt to my shoes.

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Photos of the skinny jeans blazer and scarf please!! Love this report Katie Kochelek. Your description made me feel like I was there!
Posted by: Carol Rodgers on May 22, 2013 at 10:32:00 pm

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