Breakfast Bites Make Dinner Delights

Five local spots embrace one of 2018ís top food trends


Admit it: You DO eat breakfast for dinner sometimes. And sometimes, it’s absolutely divine. No, we’re not talking about that bowl of cereal on the couch — we’re talking about the luscious, creative, breakfasty dinners developed by some amazing chefs around town. In fact, enjoying breakfast for dinner will likely be one of the biggest trends in food this year. Here are five breakfasts you’ll crave at dinnertime.

< Spiced Sweet Potato and Eggs, Bowls
If you want a smoothie bowl for dinner, you can get some of the best here at Bowls. But you can also get a healthy egg dish: Fresh spinach, arugula and mushrooms meld together with perfect fingerling potatoes. This delicious mix is topped with over-easy eggs and sriracha sauce. Hot, filling and really, really good! 207 W. Freshwater Way, (414) 800-5667,

The Hangover Burger, Crafty Cow >
Yeah, you can get steak or even a burger for breakfast at many diners and family restaurants, but if you want a breakfasty burger for dinner, then there’s no better beef than Crafty Cow’s signature burger, The Hangover. This massively delicious burger is stuffed with white cheddar and bacon, and it’s topped with a messy, over-easy egg and hot pepper medley. It will cure what ails you, and it will satisfy an evening breakfast craving. Locations in Bay View and Oconomowoc,

Mushroom French Toast, Story hill BKC
There’s nothing more sweet and filling than a perfectly done French toast. But add some savory elements — think herbed toast, Sugar Bee Farm oyster mushrooms, a Port-infused soft egg, Sartori’s Montamoré cheese and some Spanish olive oil — and this traditional breakfast dish becomes a dinner to dream of. 5100 W. Bluemound Road, (414) 539-4424,

Quiche of the Day, Coquette Café
Practically every Sunday brunch in town offers some form of quiche, but if you want this rich, comforting egg dish for dinner, go really French and visit Coquette, where it’s perfectly done every time and served all day, every day. 316 N. Milwaukee St., (414) 291-2655,

Potato Bacon Burrito, Colectivo Coffee
All the Colectivo cafés serve breakfast all day, but one of the best breakfast for dinner ideas is the potato bacon burrito. Get your eggs, bacon, potatoes and, yes, even cheese all wrapped up in a burrito. Multiple locations,