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Summer Evening

CAUSE: A fundraiser for The Womenís Center was held at Chenequa Country Club.
PROCEEDS: More than $70,000 was raised to benefit the centerís free programs and services that help women and children heal and break the cycle of violence.
Photography by Daniel Wilson

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Discovery World Gala 2014

EVENT: The Discovery World Gala was held at Discovery World this summer.
PROCEEDS: Proceeds help underwrite Discovery World admissions, memberships and program participation for economically challenged adults, families and children.
HONORED: This year marked the ninth year Lisa Cudahy has served as Discovery World Gala director. She was honored for cumulatively raising more than $2 million dollars for her work on the yearly events and auctions.
Photography by Daniel Wilson

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Zoo Ball 2014

EVENT: Summertime in the Serengeti was the theme for this yearís gala hosted by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee.
CAUSE: The ball is the societyís largest fundraising event. Proceeds from the evening fund ZSM conservation programs abroad and also helps support the Milwaukee County Zoo.
PROCEEDS: More than $600,000 was raised through auctions and tickets sales.
Photography by Daniel Wilson

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Skylight Tonight

EVENT: The Skylight Theatre held a fundraising event at the theater in the Third Ward.
CAUSE: All proceeds from the event will help support Skylightís artistic and education programs.
PROCEEDS: More than $30,000 was raised during the evening.
Photography by Daniel Wilson

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Tradition of Caring

EVENT: The annual celebration was held at the River Club in Mequon.
CAUSE: More than $85,000 was raised through sponsorships and auctions that will help fund the new Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) at the Huiras Center, Columbia St. Maryís Hospital Ozaukee.
HONORED: The 2014 Doerr Tradition of Caring Award was given to Christine Nuernberg, the former Mayor of Mequon. Daniel and Christopher Doerr started the Doerr Tradition of Caring Award in 2002 to honor those who share their passion for the Ozaukee community and Columbia St. Maryís and best exemplify leadership, commitment to service and an unwavering philanthropic spirit.

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Skylight Music Theatre - Fashion Event

The Skylight Music Theatre kicked off its promotion of the upcoming production of Rossiniís Cinderella with an event featuring well-known fashion designer Cesar Galindo, who has partnered with Skylight on creating the operaís costumes. The event also showcased Galindoís latest collection CZAR to the Milwaukee market.
Photography by Matt Haas

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David J. Frank Summer Social

David J. Frank Landscape Contracting held its fourth annual Summer Social at the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Milwaukee where guests listened to music and enjoyed refreshments in the beautiful natural surrounding.
Photography by Matt Haas

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