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Mount Mary University - CREO

The Pulse

Katie Kochelek on Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 12:00:00 am

This year, Mount Mary University’s renowned fashion show CREO fell on my 31st birthday. Earlier that week, my husband asked if I would be taking the day off and I wheeled around and exclaimed, “Are you kidding me? That’s CREO day!”

When it’s more exciting than a birthday, you know it’s a great event.

For years now, M Magazine has been a proud media sponsor of CREO and this year we were thrilled to partner once again with Mount Mary University on this year’s show, held at the Harley-Davidson Museum and themed Pulse. Ask any of my coworkers and they’ll tell you that I could probably be a one-man, traveling marketing campaign for CREO. It’s always a top Milwaukee event recommendation when anyone asks.

Working for a magazine, I have the honor of attending many wonderful events, but this one is near and dear to my heart. Why? Because there’s something captivating about seeing an entire show come together because of the hard work and talent of students who have their finger on the pulse (ahem…remember the theme?). I also feel proud to live in a city where a university celebrates this creativity by giving its students a unique outlet to explore their passion.

That’s the beauty of CREO - it’s student-driven. From the fashion, to the runway production, to the art and design element of the show – the students all have their hands in the mix of the planning. What better way to receive an education than by experiencing?

M Magazine isn’t the only Milwaukee business to appreciate the value of an event like CREO in our neighborhood. In fact, as student designs walked, commentator Christine Koutnik, Production Manager of Women’s Leather, Outerwear and Riding Gear for Harley-Davidson and a Mount Mary alum, also announced awards for individual collections presented by companies like Bon-Ton, Target, Kohl’s, A.J. Ugent and Villa Terrace. The local support surrounding CREO is also evident in the big name event sponsors in the program book and, as the introduction states, “Because many…Mount Mary graduates choose to remain in Milwaukee, they will have an opportunity to add their voices and creative problem-solving ideas to this marketplace.”

And that? That makes me really excited for the pulse of our city.

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